Tattoos can be applied easier and faster if you are mentally and physically prepared!  As most appointments are charged per hour, preparing yourself WILL save you money, time and undue pain!!  REMEMBER Tattoos HURT – The more you prepare the less it will!!

Paul is known for being extremely light handed. After receiving years of feedback from clients, it is clear that Paul does minimal trauma to skin while tattooing, and on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most painful) the average rating is around a 3-4 for how much pain is felt during a session with Paul. Tattoos by Paul usually heal faster and with little to no scabbing, irritation and discomfort. This is attributed to Paul’s technique, which he constantly strives to improve in order to give his clients the best tattoos. Damaged skin from tattooing can cause scarring, keloids and permanently damage the look of a tattoo. Paul’s light hand and technique not only avoid these negative side effects, but also cause the tattoos not to hurt as badly as with a heavy handed tattooer. [Please remember, tattoos still hurt. It will not feel like unicorn kisses, but it also will not feel like a chainsaw.]

Prior to your appointment it is important that you prepare your skin. After your consultation and appointment is booked Paul will tell you to start applying lotion 3-5x a day to the entire area that you want tattooed. This helps ensure your skin is well moisturized when the time for your appointment comes.  Shaving the area will save some time and possibly razor burn from the cheap disposable razors from the shop.  If the area is particularly hairy, you may want to trim it with a beard trimmer or hair clippers prior to coming in. Clean and hydrated skin is the best to tattoo.

Do not drink heavily the night before you are tattooed. Drinking leads to dehydration and thins your blood, and getting tattooed hung over is uncomfortable for everyone–yourself and your artist included.

DO drink lots of Water as soon as you make your appointment.  Make sure you keep hydrated up to the day of your tattoo and that you eat a meal prior to your appointment. This keeps your blood sugar elevated and your body more relaxed during the process. In case you start to feel lightheaded during your appointment, bring a drink or two and some type of snack like cookies/candy/etc.

Drinking lots of water and moisturizing your skin will get your skin healthy from the inside and out, this WILL make your tattoo a lot more bearable!

Shower or bathe. Unless you are getting a tattoo in your arm pit, wear deodorant. If you are getting a tattoo below your knee, wash your feet and wear clean socks. Cologne or perfume is also a distraction to the artist and some artists (like Paul) are allergic to artificial fragrances and getting tattooed by an artist with a headache will not yield the best results. If you smell terrible some artists will send you home and charge a fee for the equipment they wasted setting up for you. Please come to your appointment as you would to your doctor’s office: fresh and clean.

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