Taking care of your tattoo is VERY important. Your artist spent a lot of time and effort giving you a great tattoo, and not taking care of it is not only reckless, but is also disrespectful.

Paul guarantees all of his tattoo work and offers free touch-ups. However if you are careless or fail to properly take care of your new tattoo, then all guarantees become void.

You will be taking care of your new tattoo for the next two weeks. There are three things you will need to buy in order to take care of your new tattoo: Self-foaming Dial antibacterial soap, Aquaphor ointment, and unscented, unmedicated, high quality lotion. Paul recommends Lubriderm with the blue top.

Paul will bandage your tattoo before you leave the shop. This is the ONLY time your tattoo will be bandaged–NEVER re-bandage your tattoo.

1. After 3 hours, remove the bandage and wash tattooed area with warm water and Dial soap. Continue to do this twice a day–washing your hands thoroughly prior to touching your tattoo to avoid getting bacteria into the area.

2. Pat dry with a CLEAN towel and let your tattoo air dry for no longer than three minutes.

3. Apply a VERY THIN layer of Aquaphor ointment three times a day for three days.

4. After day three stop using Aquaphor ointment and switch to the Lubriderm lotion. Apply the lotion five times a day for the next two weeks.

REMEMBER!!! You will be actively taking care of your tattoo for two weeks; however, it will take up to a month for it to be completely healed. During this time do NOT itch or scratch your tattoo or scabsDo NOT soak your tattoo in water, like baths, swimming pools, the ocean, hot tubs, etc… (Showers are fine!) Do NOT expose your tattoo to prolonged sun or UV rays. After one month you may use SPF 50 on your tattoo to protect it from harmful UV rays.

You must wear loose clothing over your tattoo while it is healing. Depending on the placement of your tattoo you may not be able to wear clothing such as bras or lacy, tight fitting undergarments where the elastic bands may rub your tattoo. This may cause sweat to be trapped under the garment and expose your tattoo to too much moisture and may pull scabs off during the healing process.

Tattoo care kits are usually available at the shop for $20.00. These include soap, Aquaphor and Lubriderm. However they are unavailable at this time.

2 responses to “AFTERCARE

  1. I’ve had Paul do three of my tattoos and recommended to him to numerous friends. They will all tell you that he is a great artist and has a light hand! -DW

  2. I spent the entire day at 407 Tattoo yesterday. Paul had done my first tattoo years ago and I drove down from Long Island to have him do some more work. Him and his staff welcome you as soon as you walk in (which most places don’t even acknowledge you), they are all friendly and I had a great day there.
    Now as for Paul’s work…Love it! Why else would I drive 6 hours! Paul also has a great personality and you can see he truly enjoys his work and takes a lot of pride in making your ta! He’s not gonna send you home with crap!! So I sat for 3 tattoos yesterday and as he says, “he has a light hand”. True, pain wasn’t even an issue.
    I will be back again soon for a few more pieces!

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