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2013 DC Convention & Brightest Young Things

DC 2013 Convention - PL

At the Third Annual DC Tattoo Expo on January 4, 2013 Paul was interviewed by Toni Tileva of Brightest Young Things–read the full article here.

So what’s “in” or “ink” this year? “Portraits, divinity symbols of all kinds,” explains Paul Loh of Occoquan’s True Love Always Tattoo Studio. “Ribs are really big this year…probably due to workplace appropriateness concerns. The skin is really soft there, but it is super painful and people always move when I am tattooing them there. I am hoping the ribs become ‘the new tramp stamp’ because it is so hard to do them,” he says jokingly. When I spoke to him, he was tattooing an intricate African mask piece on Erick Atkinson, who had other similar designs in homage to his heritage. The time requirement–three hours…lest you had any illusions about how quickly even outline-only pieces take.